Promotional design

Erfgoed Brabant

For the national heritage association Erfgoed Brabant we created a set of posters and flyers promoting their lecture event 'Opstandig Brabant'.

Game design

Gemeente Hilversum

Morphic helped Studio No More Mondays develop the storyline and digital production for the Mediabin VR game. The goal of this game is to teach young kids about separating waste and keeping their surroundings clean. Through different smart trash bins spread around the city of Hilversum, connected to the IoT, kids can use a mobile game to enter the underground city of Ondersum. There the underground people build their homes out of garbage, but something is terribly wrong.. Can you help the underground people return Ondersum to its former glory?

Play the game at:

In cooperation with: Gemeente Hilversum, Immovator, No More Mondays, Wetteloos, Sodaq and Kukua.



For wellness center Balans we designed a new website.

View the site at:

Promotional design


Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts asked us to design a poster for John Körmeling’s lecture during ArtCoDe College. Taking the work of this artist, and translating it to digital typography, we created a design for the promotion of this event.

Icon set

Reizen in de Tijd

For the educational curriculum ‘Reizen in de Tijd’, Studio No More Mondays asked us to design a set of icons to be used on their website.

View the icons at:

Festival teaser

Film + Design Festival

For the Film + Design Festival during the Dutch Design Week we were asked to create a teaser based on the theme ‘I Don’t Sleep, I Dream’. Filming the lips of the presenter and replacing her voice with a computer generated voice, we took a conventional promotion into the digital world and animated it into an invitation to come and participate in the festival.